Saturday, March 1, 2008

So Busy, Oh My! Luxury Skyhome Rentals Open!

Addendum - it seems as if is down while the servers update. I would appreciate it therefore, if any of my blogging buds read this, if they would be willing to at least refer to it. With Skin Fair going on, we have tons of competition!

Yes, I definitely fail at this regular blogging gig. But I have an excellent excuse which I am about to show you all right here. This is gonna be a bit long and rather picture heavy so I apologize if it offends anyone for length and simply exhort them to please scroll past!

"Sidonie, what have you been doing instead of blogging faithfully?"

Mr Coolname, whose real sl name is about to be revealed made a suggestion one day that was very attractive. Namely, why not open some rentals. Many people seem to do it and do very well at it, why not us? We found some highly unique and imo original builds to use for our business, top quality. We then enclosed these in a privacy sort of affair. A guest can see out but others cannot see in unless they are deliberately camming in. There is also no access to these from the ground except through locked tps or direct landmark and guests must join our group in order to place objects and then they can also set home in their particular unit.

Next we also developed the grounds above which our skyhomes float for the pleasure of our guests.

The scripting, arranging, investigating of rental devices etc, has consumed a large part of our time. Landscaping and building also took up a lot of mostly my time. We are now officially open, however, and I'm very proud of it. Now all we need is some people!

If anyone reading this is in need of a skyhome with a unique flair that also includes grounds amenities please feel free to instant message myself (Sidonie Larkham) or Mr Coolname, aka Erasmus Weatherwax. (See, cool name!) Or, they can simply tp right over to look around, the landmark is in my picks.

Here is a bunch of pictures of how things look. Please do click through to my flickr to see larger 1024 x 1024 versions of these.

Upon arrival, a prospective guest (a word I prefer over tenant) lands with this view before them with an arrow pointing helpfully towards the office.

If the guest turns around, this view is presented.

Proceeding around the lagoon, yields this view.

And in yet another direction is the Greenhouse which does duty as a mini ballroom.

Upon entering a guest's rental unit, behind them will be this view.

The hedge texture is customizable and the rent box automatically resizes to a tiny box upon renting. The other prim there is a direct tp to a landing which in turn leads to the ground without having to resort to landmarks. Naturally these items do not count towards the guest's prim count.

A guest has the choice of five builds every time they rez. They may choose a favorite or they may alternate as they prefer. We also have plans to add more builds to the choices as time goes by.

Here are a couple of the five choices:

Asian Retreat

You can see a tiny glimpse of a neighboring skybox in the interior shot but these have all been carefully placed to be completely outside of earshot from one to the other. That little bit of plywood has since been edited also, lol.

Loft Retreat

I have seen rentals both for skyhomes and ground rentals of a similar price with nothing like these amenities. In my honest judgement I think these are some of the best skyhomes in SL, I hope if you visit, you will agree.

Even more great news coming up but I think this is enough "spam" for now.

Mr. Coolname wanted to do a clothing optional area on our grounds lol, but we don't really have enough land for that, just yet.


Alicia Chenaux said...

What a busy girl you have been!! The place looks fantastic. I'm definitely coming over to look around at all your work soon. :)

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Wow, awesome! Here comes the million-dollar question: How much are you charging for rent? :)

Sidonie said...

Alicia, Quaintly - I'd love to show either of you around at any time.

Quaintly, the rent is 3200L for four weeks, which is an opening special.

The rate is 1k per week if less than four weeks and a new resident can lock in the opening special rate for two months if they so desire. :)

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Those are so cute! And I like how you really have thought about what would matter to someone living there - i.e. privacy issues, open space, etc. Great job! Keep us posted as to how it goes!