Monday, March 3, 2008

A Brief Mention of RL Because of SL

One of the blogs I read as often as I can, is the Michami.Net Blog written and conceived by a pixel girl of outstanding style and fashion sense. This isn't just my opinion but the opinion of lots and lots of ladies on the grid and probably gents too. Her name is Milla Michinaga.

As I was getting ready to wend my weary way to bed tonight, I took a peek at her blog as I had not had time to look the last few days.

I love the latest look but, what I liked even more was the video she was linking to by Jennifer Lopez. Whether you like or hate the music doesn't matter. What does matter, to me, is that Jennifer was taking the idea that singers, actresses and spokespersons must be rail thin to succeed and kicking it in the crotch.

Since I *Do* live under a rock in real life, a brief google informed me that Ms Lopez has just given birth to twins. And yet in this video, Hold It, Don't Drop It, she manages to look stylish, sexy and cool. I don't think we can ask any more of any woman, of any size, at any time in her life.

Being that the issue of size is one that impacts me in RL through no fault of my own, i.e. I don't eat chocolate bars or potato chips every day for every meal despite the assumption by even my friends that I do - it is very, very nice to see such a positive image of a woman over a size 2 no matter what the reason.

If you don't want any RL with your SL blogging, please scroll on by!

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