Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm in! I'm in! I'm in!

OMG! I hadn't mentioned this cause it was something I really wanted and mentioning it was like jinxing it or something.

But, I applied with the FACES sl modeling agency and have been crossing my fingers and toes and doing visualization and stuff and I'm in!

I'm an official FACES model.

You can see the list here.

Party time!

Lost in Wonderment

This is gonna be a quick post and yes, I know I'm a slacker for not posting more but we all can't be the lovely and posting-lots Alicia. ;)

If you, somehow, are perhaps brand new to SL or perhaps don't follow the fashion scene at all - then you may not know about the SL Relay For Life Clothing Fair, to benefit the American Cancer Society. You can read about the businessy side of things at the SLRFL site. You can read about all the amazing items produced for this event on any blog with the remotest interest in Fashion. I recommend that you check out the What's New blog to see even more new items being added all the time, and also the Fabulously Free blog which has a sim by sim rundown if you are interested in the freebies at all.

What I want to say, is simply this.

T H A N K Y O U to every single one of the people who has worked on organizing, advertising, designing, creating for this event. Walking around seeing all the work that has gone into this is, for me, a humbling and very moving thing. I lost two of the dearest people in my life to Cancer and it runs in both sides of my family. I keep crying when I think about it or look around at all you have done to help the victims of this overreaching disease. Anyone who can truly look at Second Life and say, "oh it's just a game about sex and whatever", has no idea what they are talking about. They have only to look at you prodigiously amazing people and what you have wrought to know this isn't true.

I happened to be present when ONE KIOSK slipped over to an amazing 100,000 Linden dollars. You read that right, One Hundred Thousand. Multiple that by, as an estimate since I don't have an exact figure, around 3.50usd (Linden Labs do take a cut when you cash out regrettably), yeah you get the picture. The total of donations is even more jaw-dropping. So T H A N K Y O U also, to the generous donors who have opened those Pixel Wallets and dropped in whatever they could spare. It is not going unnoticed, and it WILL make a difference.

Today, I am very happy to be one pixel girl in our incredible pixel world. *Hugs*

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Of Fashionista Totem Poles and Really Cute Shoes

This is gonna be a mega supah deluxe post cause I have so much to catch up on and just not a lot of time to do it in. I hope anyone reading who doesn't wanna read all of this will just skim by because every attempt I have made to put a cut in this thing just screws it up royally. Yes, I am lame. In fact, I may just split this up, yes, I think I will.

In case any of you were not aware, there is a hunt going on at Skin Fair and I meandered over there yesterday evening to take a peek. Whilst there, I ran into quite a few pixelettes and at least one pixelman. Scar Ayres astonished me with her Shoulder Sitter Skillz and then Whimsy Winx, Sai Pennell, Phinn Boffin, Hepzibah Beaumont, Gary Beebe, Tesa Jewell and even the fabulous Celebrity Trollop arrived to join us in the attempt to hold the record for most people standing on heads, at Skin Fair, at least.

The following two shots were taken by Miss Tesa, I played with them a little but you can hardly see me standing about midway in the stack. ;)

Clicky for an, as Whimsy might say, "It's beautiful, Jesus would like it," enlarged view of the proceedings. (Quote from a gesture Ms. Winx uses, lol )

I also took a roaming view around the Cassiopeia Isle Sim, home of LVS, where a dollarbie hunt is going on. Most of the items are for the ladies but gentlemen will be pleased to find there's a noble gent's outfit (medieval looking) to match the noble maiden's and some tee shirts to match the one I'm wearing in these pictures below for 1L each.

In addition to the tee shirt, I'm wearing the Fedora from the ETD hunt as well as one of the pairs of shoes. My hair is from Armidi as is my skirt, and my flashy green nail polish is from The Body Politik. Fatpacks for the win ;) The tattoos are a dollarbie gift from Etchd in honor of St Patrick's Day. I'm also sporting one of the pairs of earrings given out by Alienbear, and if you have not gotten the third gift from Alienbear and Sparkle Skye, today is the last day to do it.

Okay, now we has picatures.

I was a little sad to see that the fedora does not fit my admittedly slightly oversized head too well, and that it does not stretch. Nevertheless, I thought it looked pretty darned kewl.

There are three choices in this tee shirt as mentioned above. I got a kick out of, "If you pinch me, I will punch you," but that seemed a bit militant for this blog. Sooo, I went with the "Play with my Lucky Charms" one instead.

I want to take a moment to say thanks to all the many, many generous designers who give out freebies on holidays, during special events and just every day. You really help make SL what it is and that's much appreciated <3

I am in love with these shoes and quite hope that Elika Tiramisu is able to release them in tons more colors. Even a new (male) friend of mine mentioned, "Cute shoes!" No, he did not ask me if I wanted to adjourn to the bedroom pose balls afterwards either!

To see more of my "Irish Day" pics, click over to my flickr page.

I have lots more to talk about. MODA, applying to fashion agencies, participating in contests, putting in a free changing room for our "Five Units in One" Luxury Skyhomes as mentioned here. That will have to wait. Now I need some fortifying lunch and those pink hearts and green clovers just aren't going to cut it!

Doh! This shows how busy I have been, I have not been getting my regular dose of fashionosity as I didn't realize the Hampton Wedge *Was* released in tons of colors. Sheesh, send me some fashion iv stat!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sidonie Takes Pictures Part I

I have a habit, as I am wandering about the grid, of taking pictures. Lots and lots and lots of pictures. Sometimes it's of things I think should be reported to the Fashion Police immediately. Sometimes it's of things I think are cute, interesting, cool. Sometimes it's of me. Sometimes it's of friends. Sometimes it's of stuff I'm doing.

I thought today I'd post up some of my pictures with perhaps little paragraphs about what was going on, what was happening, while I took the picture. If you are not aware before, all my pictures are viewable in larger size through the good offices of Flickr and I try to take you right to the largest possible size with my link. Bear in mind that both Firefox and IE have a tendency to shrink larger size images and you may have to click on them with your magnifying glass to see the pic in full size. I recommend hitting open link in a new tab when you do that, but that's up to you!

These are in reverse chronilogical order, meaning the picture was taken/event happened more recently than pictures farther down the page. This is simply because so much happens every day I can't remember it all forever!

These first few are because of my lovely friend Ms. Tesa Jewell. I can't remember if she has a blog so I can't link it right now if she does, but nevertheless she is lovely. And, she shares with me my shoe fetish. My shoe fetish is so bad that Mr Coolname has started calling me Imelda. I promise though, that the only resemblance between me and that other Imelda is the shoe love.

So, last night at some point, Tesa and I are talking about, what else? Shoes! And she mentions a common related complaint. "I hate my toes." This brought up the fact that there are shoes with prim toes! Yes, if you didn't know this, you heard it here first! A bit of head scratching came up with a name for the same and at that point we got separated. I ended up finding these little treasures and carried a pair home to try out. These are made by a company/designer called !QUIT and are available only on the wall of a little Mall called Crumbi.

I also found they have to use their own ao and come with a hud to control skin tone on your toes, plus toe ring position, plus a ton of toenail polish options. The ao is meant to keep you in the proper position while wearing them and this, as you may have guessed has pitfalls. Nevertheless, the shoes are cute and I ended up with little skullies on my prim toenails.

So here's a pic of my foot with my prim toes, TADA!

We also paid a visit to Minx shoes and posed for a while on the couches that are there. I snapped this photo of Tesa there and edited out the shoes and customers in the background. I hope she likes it as I thought it came out very nice. I did a lot of fancy schmancy editing on this picture, including curves, some blurring stuff etc.

This next pic is one I snapped of me the night before. I just bought this new hair which is basically a short version of my much beloved Harlow from Cake. This one is called Berlin. What's interesting about this pic for me is that I happened to be editing something and caught my avatar's eyes closed. I thought that looked nifty so I took the shot. I've edited out the background of the store I was in and added a lot of different editing effects etc. See what you think.

I do a lot of freebie hunting, treasure hunts, whatever when I have a few free moments to do so. I see a lot of interesting things while doing this and this picture was taken on one such hunt. This little tableau was so cute, it was irresistible.

Now we have to hop into the wayback machine, cause this next pic was taken quite a while ago. The story behind it is that I was waiting to meet Mr. Coolname at Jades Jazz Lounge where there was a concert on her skating rink. I'm on a ball that makes you float and spin like an aerialist and I caught this snap just at the right moment, imo.

I think this is enough spammage for one day. I did, however, want to draw your attention to the beautiful pictures taken by the wonderful Miss IcyQueen Nightfire and the accompanying blog entry over here. She came by to visit the Skyhomes that Mr Coolname and I have for rent and I think her pictures of the same are much better than mine. Please go over to take a look and admire her work. (And see what she has to say about the homes!)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Shout Out to a Real Gentleman

It may not have been apparent to most people I know, but I have been in that state which can best be described as Hormonally Induced Madness. You ladies will know what I'm talking about, and I'm sure you gentlemen can guess.

I have been cranky with hair. No, I have been a virago with hair. Everything upset me. Everything pissed me off. Everything made me want to curl up in a corner and cry and simultaneously use those laser beam eye things to render people who annoyed me into dust.

It was bad. One of the worst episodes I can remember having.

Mr. Coolname put up with a lot from me. He didn't yell at me. He didn't break up with me. He didn't tell me to take my bad mood and go to hell. He is an amazing man and a real gentleman and I just wanted to take the time to say so here.

Thanks, Ras. You're really the best.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Quick Note to Say...

I have updated my blog links to the right over there. ==============>

If I've added the blog it's because I regularly read it, seek it out, refer to it, etc. This is entirely personal preference and what I enjoy. You have just won a sparkly link back.

I'll Get You, My Pretty or How I Got Tagged!

So the petite powerhouse of creativity and dj "itgirlness", Alicia Chenaux, had the nerve to tag me. How dare she?


Here are the rules!
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

"I am not enamoured but carry on."
They cleared away the last of the impedimenta. Phryne picked up a case-opener, which bore a distinct resemblance to a jemmy, and inserted it under the lip of the tomb.

The book is Urn Burial by Kerry Greenwood, an Australian mystery writer. It's very good but if you start with the Phryne Fisher stories, start with Cocaine Blues.

I shall tag, Quaint, Icy, Whimsy, Caliah and anyone who has not been tagged and would like to be. (Despite the rules, no one is under any compulsion to participate.)

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Brief Mention of RL Because of SL

One of the blogs I read as often as I can, is the Michami.Net Blog written and conceived by a pixel girl of outstanding style and fashion sense. This isn't just my opinion but the opinion of lots and lots of ladies on the grid and probably gents too. Her name is Milla Michinaga.

As I was getting ready to wend my weary way to bed tonight, I took a peek at her blog as I had not had time to look the last few days.

I love the latest look but, what I liked even more was the video she was linking to by Jennifer Lopez. Whether you like or hate the music doesn't matter. What does matter, to me, is that Jennifer was taking the idea that singers, actresses and spokespersons must be rail thin to succeed and kicking it in the crotch.

Since I *Do* live under a rock in real life, a brief google informed me that Ms Lopez has just given birth to twins. And yet in this video, Hold It, Don't Drop It, she manages to look stylish, sexy and cool. I don't think we can ask any more of any woman, of any size, at any time in her life.

Being that the issue of size is one that impacts me in RL through no fault of my own, i.e. I don't eat chocolate bars or potato chips every day for every meal despite the assumption by even my friends that I do - it is very, very nice to see such a positive image of a woman over a size 2 no matter what the reason.

If you don't want any RL with your SL blogging, please scroll on by!

Skin Fair! and Rue D'Antibes

This is an incomplete list and I do not have slurls because SL mapping has decided to be borked. However, the Skin Fair is being held at Vanity Universe and can be found there if you just log in to that region.

These are the gifts and bargains and tips which I know from personally finding them or being told about them directly by the designer. They are there so please don't im me that you can't find them. Be patient, go wash dishes or something and wait for stuff to rez, I dunno.

Adam n Eve. This is a stellar box which contains demos, free skins for both male and female, manicures, pedicures and I don't know what all. It is FREE. In the center of the stall is a cute pedestal with an apple on it. The floating text above it says "Buy me for 0L for a taste of Adam n Eve". You can't miss it.

Chai Skins. Chai is selling their skin gift cards for 18percent off the regular price. In other words get their skin for 1k rather than 1200 or whatever it usually is or get three for 3k etc. The more you buy the more you save. If you are a fan of this skin this is a great time to buy them. They are also right next to Adam n Eve and you can walk right through.

Darkes Sisters Skins. This kiosk or stall is almost directly across the main concourse from Adam n Eve. Just walk across and you will see it. Once you are inside, you will see a little pink sign on the bottom left corner of the back wall which reads 1L and the box itself is an adorable hat box/powder puff box right there. I don't know if this is the same gift as the member gift given over the weekend and haven't had time to check.

At a couple intervals along the concourse there are pass through areas to even more skins. There are changing rooms in these pass through areas and seating areas for resting those pixel tootsies.

If you go through one of them, you will see on the left as you come out a circular display which has three different skin makers on it. One of them is giving away a free oil layer. The name is Dreamy something. Another skin maker, Wax Poetic, has a free skin box. (dollarbie actually)

BiancaF has a free skin which she may change each week. Her little kiosk is to be found right before Ars Nova so look for it!

Fleur had a great skin called Marni which I believe is released especially for SKIN FAIR when I was there. It was regular price though.

Celestial Studios was displaying the entire seasonal Vogue series so if you like these skins which I do, and missed them, which I did, you should grab them. And I will!.

Switching over to the Rue D'Antibes Sim opening. As of this writing, La Sylphide's sim opening gift is still there as are the gifts from Silent Sparrow (in a cute blue bottle on the table outside) and Mimikri. No idea how long they will be there, so go go go.

Silent Sparrow also has a very nice outfit reduce to 100L for the event and there are other freebies in the area.

Edit: The Fleur outlet at Rue D'Antibes is selling the boutique line for half price. This will continue until Roslin logs on and has time to change them.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I deleted my previous ranty mcranty pants post. I was very pissed off and I'm still angry. Nevertheless, just doesn't feel good to lay it out and if you're gonna rant, it should feel good.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

So Busy, Oh My! Luxury Skyhome Rentals Open!

Addendum - it seems as if is down while the servers update. I would appreciate it therefore, if any of my blogging buds read this, if they would be willing to at least refer to it. With Skin Fair going on, we have tons of competition!

Yes, I definitely fail at this regular blogging gig. But I have an excellent excuse which I am about to show you all right here. This is gonna be a bit long and rather picture heavy so I apologize if it offends anyone for length and simply exhort them to please scroll past!

"Sidonie, what have you been doing instead of blogging faithfully?"

Mr Coolname, whose real sl name is about to be revealed made a suggestion one day that was very attractive. Namely, why not open some rentals. Many people seem to do it and do very well at it, why not us? We found some highly unique and imo original builds to use for our business, top quality. We then enclosed these in a privacy sort of affair. A guest can see out but others cannot see in unless they are deliberately camming in. There is also no access to these from the ground except through locked tps or direct landmark and guests must join our group in order to place objects and then they can also set home in their particular unit.

Next we also developed the grounds above which our skyhomes float for the pleasure of our guests.

The scripting, arranging, investigating of rental devices etc, has consumed a large part of our time. Landscaping and building also took up a lot of mostly my time. We are now officially open, however, and I'm very proud of it. Now all we need is some people!

If anyone reading this is in need of a skyhome with a unique flair that also includes grounds amenities please feel free to instant message myself (Sidonie Larkham) or Mr Coolname, aka Erasmus Weatherwax. (See, cool name!) Or, they can simply tp right over to look around, the landmark is in my picks.

Here is a bunch of pictures of how things look. Please do click through to my flickr to see larger 1024 x 1024 versions of these.

Upon arrival, a prospective guest (a word I prefer over tenant) lands with this view before them with an arrow pointing helpfully towards the office.

If the guest turns around, this view is presented.

Proceeding around the lagoon, yields this view.

And in yet another direction is the Greenhouse which does duty as a mini ballroom.

Upon entering a guest's rental unit, behind them will be this view.

The hedge texture is customizable and the rent box automatically resizes to a tiny box upon renting. The other prim there is a direct tp to a landing which in turn leads to the ground without having to resort to landmarks. Naturally these items do not count towards the guest's prim count.

A guest has the choice of five builds every time they rez. They may choose a favorite or they may alternate as they prefer. We also have plans to add more builds to the choices as time goes by.

Here are a couple of the five choices:

Asian Retreat

You can see a tiny glimpse of a neighboring skybox in the interior shot but these have all been carefully placed to be completely outside of earshot from one to the other. That little bit of plywood has since been edited also, lol.

Loft Retreat

I have seen rentals both for skyhomes and ground rentals of a similar price with nothing like these amenities. In my honest judgement I think these are some of the best skyhomes in SL, I hope if you visit, you will agree.

Even more great news coming up but I think this is enough "spam" for now.

Mr. Coolname wanted to do a clothing optional area on our grounds lol, but we don't really have enough land for that, just yet.