Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sidonie Takes Pictures Part I

I have a habit, as I am wandering about the grid, of taking pictures. Lots and lots and lots of pictures. Sometimes it's of things I think should be reported to the Fashion Police immediately. Sometimes it's of things I think are cute, interesting, cool. Sometimes it's of me. Sometimes it's of friends. Sometimes it's of stuff I'm doing.

I thought today I'd post up some of my pictures with perhaps little paragraphs about what was going on, what was happening, while I took the picture. If you are not aware before, all my pictures are viewable in larger size through the good offices of Flickr and I try to take you right to the largest possible size with my link. Bear in mind that both Firefox and IE have a tendency to shrink larger size images and you may have to click on them with your magnifying glass to see the pic in full size. I recommend hitting open link in a new tab when you do that, but that's up to you!

These are in reverse chronilogical order, meaning the picture was taken/event happened more recently than pictures farther down the page. This is simply because so much happens every day I can't remember it all forever!

These first few are because of my lovely friend Ms. Tesa Jewell. I can't remember if she has a blog so I can't link it right now if she does, but nevertheless she is lovely. And, she shares with me my shoe fetish. My shoe fetish is so bad that Mr Coolname has started calling me Imelda. I promise though, that the only resemblance between me and that other Imelda is the shoe love.

So, last night at some point, Tesa and I are talking about, what else? Shoes! And she mentions a common related complaint. "I hate my toes." This brought up the fact that there are shoes with prim toes! Yes, if you didn't know this, you heard it here first! A bit of head scratching came up with a name for the same and at that point we got separated. I ended up finding these little treasures and carried a pair home to try out. These are made by a company/designer called !QUIT and are available only on the wall of a little Mall called Crumbi.

I also found they have to use their own ao and come with a hud to control skin tone on your toes, plus toe ring position, plus a ton of toenail polish options. The ao is meant to keep you in the proper position while wearing them and this, as you may have guessed has pitfalls. Nevertheless, the shoes are cute and I ended up with little skullies on my prim toenails.

So here's a pic of my foot with my prim toes, TADA!

We also paid a visit to Minx shoes and posed for a while on the couches that are there. I snapped this photo of Tesa there and edited out the shoes and customers in the background. I hope she likes it as I thought it came out very nice. I did a lot of fancy schmancy editing on this picture, including curves, some blurring stuff etc.

This next pic is one I snapped of me the night before. I just bought this new hair which is basically a short version of my much beloved Harlow from Cake. This one is called Berlin. What's interesting about this pic for me is that I happened to be editing something and caught my avatar's eyes closed. I thought that looked nifty so I took the shot. I've edited out the background of the store I was in and added a lot of different editing effects etc. See what you think.

I do a lot of freebie hunting, treasure hunts, whatever when I have a few free moments to do so. I see a lot of interesting things while doing this and this picture was taken on one such hunt. This little tableau was so cute, it was irresistible.

Now we have to hop into the wayback machine, cause this next pic was taken quite a while ago. The story behind it is that I was waiting to meet Mr. Coolname at Jades Jazz Lounge where there was a concert on her skating rink. I'm on a ball that makes you float and spin like an aerialist and I caught this snap just at the right moment, imo.

I think this is enough spammage for one day. I did, however, want to draw your attention to the beautiful pictures taken by the wonderful Miss IcyQueen Nightfire and the accompanying blog entry over here. She came by to visit the Skyhomes that Mr Coolname and I have for rent and I think her pictures of the same are much better than mine. Please go over to take a look and admire her work. (And see what she has to say about the homes!)


TeSa said...

Great work Sid! I think the eyes closed made a beautifu shot, and geeze I look FAB! Thanks! As for the shoes, way cute but I witnessed what they did to your AO and that is not good :( Somebody Please make us some prim tootsie shoes for the spring and summer seasons that DO NOT mess with our AO's.

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

That's why I said IcyQueen was the right person to blog about the Skyhomes, lol. She always takes such great pictures!

The prim toes are cool. ZayZay also had shoes with toes but her store is closed now :( [I had them under my old account but they're all gone now so I can't show any pictures, sadly]

That picture with the camera and the little green man is tooooo cute!!