Monday, March 3, 2008

Skin Fair! and Rue D'Antibes

This is an incomplete list and I do not have slurls because SL mapping has decided to be borked. However, the Skin Fair is being held at Vanity Universe and can be found there if you just log in to that region.

These are the gifts and bargains and tips which I know from personally finding them or being told about them directly by the designer. They are there so please don't im me that you can't find them. Be patient, go wash dishes or something and wait for stuff to rez, I dunno.

Adam n Eve. This is a stellar box which contains demos, free skins for both male and female, manicures, pedicures and I don't know what all. It is FREE. In the center of the stall is a cute pedestal with an apple on it. The floating text above it says "Buy me for 0L for a taste of Adam n Eve". You can't miss it.

Chai Skins. Chai is selling their skin gift cards for 18percent off the regular price. In other words get their skin for 1k rather than 1200 or whatever it usually is or get three for 3k etc. The more you buy the more you save. If you are a fan of this skin this is a great time to buy them. They are also right next to Adam n Eve and you can walk right through.

Darkes Sisters Skins. This kiosk or stall is almost directly across the main concourse from Adam n Eve. Just walk across and you will see it. Once you are inside, you will see a little pink sign on the bottom left corner of the back wall which reads 1L and the box itself is an adorable hat box/powder puff box right there. I don't know if this is the same gift as the member gift given over the weekend and haven't had time to check.

At a couple intervals along the concourse there are pass through areas to even more skins. There are changing rooms in these pass through areas and seating areas for resting those pixel tootsies.

If you go through one of them, you will see on the left as you come out a circular display which has three different skin makers on it. One of them is giving away a free oil layer. The name is Dreamy something. Another skin maker, Wax Poetic, has a free skin box. (dollarbie actually)

BiancaF has a free skin which she may change each week. Her little kiosk is to be found right before Ars Nova so look for it!

Fleur had a great skin called Marni which I believe is released especially for SKIN FAIR when I was there. It was regular price though.

Celestial Studios was displaying the entire seasonal Vogue series so if you like these skins which I do, and missed them, which I did, you should grab them. And I will!.

Switching over to the Rue D'Antibes Sim opening. As of this writing, La Sylphide's sim opening gift is still there as are the gifts from Silent Sparrow (in a cute blue bottle on the table outside) and Mimikri. No idea how long they will be there, so go go go.

Silent Sparrow also has a very nice outfit reduce to 100L for the event and there are other freebies in the area.

Edit: The Fleur outlet at Rue D'Antibes is selling the boutique line for half price. This will continue until Roslin logs on and has time to change them.

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I couldn't find the Digit Darkes' skin... I went twice and waited 30 mins in case it hadn't rezzed, and still nothing. Oh well... win some, lose some *grin*

Possibly I missed BiancaF's offering too coz the box I picked up was for coloured eyebrows (but with demo skins included). Haven't tried the eyebrows but they sound funky!

I was disappointed I couldn't find Chai's Verdette skin (gift with SecondStyle Mag issue #15) since I lost it after my first account crashed. I haven't been able to find it on sale in their mainstore either.