Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yay Freebies! And a Sidenote

I just want to again thank all the many designers of SL who participated in yesterday's Rez Day party for Fashion Consolidated Group. Despite the problems created by a stampede of probably hundreds of avatars to various places, I think most of us had a jolly good time. I think most of the designers did too as many were on hand to hear a chorus of thank yous from we the grateful! (I know there were a few who were less polite and grateful than they should have been but I was in many places where we all said thank you as we came and went.)

I haven't had time yet to go through everything that I got even!

I do want to say one other thing, and then link to read Alicia Chenaux's excellent soap box post about the same thing. Not to belabor the issue as reported on a certain freebie blog, but a comment made there - if we "freebie obsessives" bought something now and then, store owners wouldn't kick us out" really got my goat.

Nobody has to explain why they do or do not spend money on SL. No one has to justify it to anybody else. If you can't understand that getting a bargain, or getting a gift from someone (and that's what freebies are) is fun - well I can only say I feel sad for you because you are really missing out.

Ironically, I was in the store that Creamy mentions namelessly and saw her moments before the incident. As it happens, I spent close to 1K at that same store after picking up the freebie there and got invited to their update group this evening. So much for the notion that freebie hounds never spend money, eh?

Now, here's the link to Alicia's much more insightful comments if you're interested.

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Erasmus said...

There's a real good reason store owners would be advised to offer a freebie or two--it attracts traffic to their store and generates interest in their products. Hasn't anybody noticed the stores that are well marketed have a couple of gifts to offer--I note Nicky Ree and other high end stores that offer a class of product to generate interest in the things that actually make them money. So, if store owners want to shoo away and not be bothered by sound marketing, you will watch them languish and wither. The invisible hand works even in second life.