Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Modeling, Revisited.

A quick update here to be fair to the lovely people at MODA Modeling. Mirrabella Schumann got in contact with me yesterday afternoon while I was out of world and hopefully as soon as classes begin, I'm there! There was a mix up with even though there was a script error she still got my applications, yay! Plus, SL is playing silly buggers it seems and hiding people in the people search. They can be found, however, in the all search. Thought I'd mention in case some of you are having trouble finding people through the people search.

By the time I got back online, my messages had capped and I missed Mirrabella but also Licentious Malady mentioned one of the MODA models had seen my blog and passed it along. A comment was left also for follow up, and thank you very much Licentious.

So, first steps accomplished! Since I'm young still, -only 4 months- I hopefully will have an interview today.

I blogged about receiving this gown as a gift in a previous grid filtered post so here is the picture again. The gown is by Nicky Ree, hair by ETD and shoes by Aphrodite Creations. Tasha skin by RAC.

This pic is viewable in larger size on my flickr page. Click through to the all sizes option.