Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Soooo Much to Write Here!

Okay, since I promised, here's an update on me and Mr. Coolname.

So much has happened I'm not going to tell you everything. In the words of Inigo Montoya, "There is too much, let me sum up!"

Mr. Coolname continues to impress in pretty much every way in terms of being practically perfect as far as dating material. He's smart, witty, appreciative, complimentary, warm, funny and understanding. He listens when I talk (with a few little exceptions, lol) and also draws me out of myself. He wanted to hold my hand so much he went and bought a little hud so he could. How sweet is that? We've talked about each of our real lives a little, something that I'm not generally enthusiastic about, but it gave us each a little more understanding of where the other person is coming from. I found myself opening up about things and he made that much easier and more pleasant than it might have been. There were one or two rocky moments when I had to explain the virtues of saying you're afk and how much I hate the sensation of being ignored. ;)

Despite this blog, there's a lot I do hold inside because I'm basically rather shy. The blog is more of compulsive journalism, lol, than anything.

I've got some pictures here of things from yesterday. Mr. Coolname is pretty well-traveled and also interested in history so he tends to seek out things in SL in those veins. I'm happy to tag along and hold his hand, especially when there's so many places yours truly has not been yet. ;)

Our first visit was to somewhere (sorry I forgot to get lm or slurl, I'll try to edit that later) that attempted to recreate Ancient Rome. I thought the builders did an excellent job.

Here are a few pictures of one courtyard we were in when I looked over the balcony from the marketplace.

Mr. Coolname was called away after buying me the beautiful toga I am wearing in the next pictures so I paused to take a few snaps. :)

The hair, btw, is Vivian from ETD and I thought it set off the outfit very nicely. My only complaint on this lovely ensemble is that I wish they'd used flexi a bit more. Then again, I suppose togas are meant to fit close to the body.

I edited this second pic to make the red darker, I like the effect very much.

At this point, I too was called away and so we didn't regroup until later that evening.

Mr. Coolname and I share a passion for dancing and we both belong to one or two Jazz clubs. -Specifically Frank's and Jade's Jazz Island-. He had received a notice of a red event at Frank's and invited me to join him there. This was a great idea except for one small problem. I didn't have a red dress. Red heads and bright red don't usually go together. Mr. Coolname scoffed at this minor detail and we proceeded on a shopping expedition. We ended up at Nicky Ree, where I couldn't help but pause and sigh over the gorgeous Winter Flame ensemble. The full set is way out of my normal shopping budget so I was prepared to pass it by for something a bit more affordable.

"Do you really want this dress?" inquired Mr. Coolname. I replied in the very definite affirmative.

"Come here then," he said. "Forget about it," he said.

Yes, that's right folks, Mr. Coolname bought me the Winter Flame ensemble in the red color. I cried all over him. He didn't seem to mind. ;)

Here's me in the dress.

And here's us dancing together at Frank's.

I'll apologize now for being spammish since I have another post to do and also I don't know how to cut my posts for iheartsl.com. If someone has some tutorial on that, please pass it my way.

Last, but certainly not least, gentlemen - run, do not walk, to Tymmerie's blog (Girl Wonder Speaks About SL) where you can complete an important poll on what men look for in women in SL.

As ever, if you would like to see these larger sized, you can go to my flickr page. Click through the part where it says all sizes and choose the largest if it isn't on there already. As I've said before, I'm thrilled to get comments and to exchange blog links. So don't be shy!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that dress is gorgeous! I completely feel your pain as far as trying to match colors to red hair.. I have the same problem, and my wardrobe tends to end up with a lot of black in it. Thats a great dress through, looks fine with your hair. :)

IcyQueen Nightfire said...

Ooh! You got the Nicky Ree dress for FREE?? I am so jealous, I love her designs but she's so pricey I just can't shop there all the time. I've spent close to L$4K at her shop already for 4 dresses.

Vivian from ETD is my current top faved hair ... I'm guessing the other you're wearing should be Tyra right?

*revealing how much time I spent at the ETD sale*