Thursday, January 24, 2008

Second Date Ness!

Okay, I'm going to pre-empt the second installment of my tale with this cautionary advice.

Boys (and I do mean boys) whose shape is closely aligned to that of the Incredible Hulk who try to get you to try out those kissing pose balls after about an hour of knowing you, are bad news.

This, unfortunately is one of my neighbors. I seriously have fears that he's going to turn into a stalker :(

I'll just zip on past that.

Remember Mr. "Coolname"?

You guessed it, we hooked up again around 6 pm ish. To my delight, he had bitten the bullet, as it were and broke down and become a payment info on file member of society and hunted down hair he liked better. (I think he did a few little tweaks to the rest of him too but who's counting?)

Why was I so delighted? First, it showed that he was interested in his own avatar appearance. I cannot understand anyone not investing in their own avatar. That's you! That's your representation to the rest of the SL world, what better thing could you possibly spend your time or money on? I recognize that freebies for the male type persons are a lot fewer on the ground than they are for women and that's definitely unfair and no fun but I reached the decision to spend money on myself within a week. (The shopping bug not withstanding, it's really all about some self respect and self esteem in my book.) That's my story anyhow. Plus, I figured this move meant he was planning to stick around. I've met quite a few people who found the learning curve and the adjustment to sl harder than they could really deal with.


One of my adventures earlier in the day with Mr. Hulk - the neighbor - was genuinely fun, in that he mentioned riding horses. Now, irl I'm very scared of horses. Big them, little me. But woot, in sl I can be an expert rider. Well sort of. So we went to this place where they had a demo but i rather easily sprung for a Chestnut of my very own and we went riding. I was lagging badly at the time so it wasn't as much fun as I had hoped :/

So, when Mr. Coolname came around, I mentioned it rather excitedly and he suggested he go with me, grab the demo and he come riding with me. So we did. The lag was much much better, or maybe the company made me feel better about it ;) We rode over most of the sim, stopped for some poses including a great sunset! and watched some jumpers. I can't for the life of me figure out how they do that, but it was fun to watch!

Mr. Coolname is rather frank about his er...lustiness, it's right there in his profile. LOL. And he mentioned during our ride that while jumping around his first day he stumbled into an SL Brothel. I know, the mind boggles. But aparrently a dancer there gave him a dance and he commented on how he couldn't figure out how she could dance so smoothly. I knowledgeably piped up with, I bet it was a sine wave dance. I love sine wave but I gotta say some of those have stripper written all of them in big red ink.

So, our next stop was sine wave where he promptly told me that some of the girl dances were entirely too gay. I escorted him to the boy dances where he proceeded to enjoy himself thoroughly and then shamefacedly reported that at least one of the dances was from Backstreet Boys and he hated the fact he actually knew that. LOL (I did warn him the girl dances were girl dances, I didn't make him get on the pink balls!)

By this time, Mr Hulk the neighbor was aparrently having issues and was pestering me so I reported to Mr Coolname the same in tones of exasperation. I then dragged him to Pillow Talk to ask him a very important question. Cuddling on a pillow talk pillow does not necessarily communicate that I want to go bump prim and pixel nasties kthanx, or at least that was my story and I was sticking to it! So i consulted Mr. Coolname on the matter. His judicious opinion was that I *might* want to neck, but not get married. I had to argue over the necking, after all, I don't know what the pillow does til I sit on it do I?



Around this point, I got a notice from the LVS subscribomatic that was movie night and they were going to be showing Transformers. Now, Transformers is a silly silly movie but I thought it was pretty novel to watch a movie inworld so I prevailed upon Mr. Coolname (Who had already seen said silly silly movie) to come with me. It wasn't crowded and everyone was very welcoming and sweet. We proceeded to watch about half the movie before I said, um, even I can't handle the level of dumbness. *g* But, we agreed, we really needed to find an sl drive in!

I suggested a refreshing shopping pitstop and grabbed the Harlowe hair from Cake. Pics forthcoming. After a brief interlude of club hopping and doing some kind of extremely heinous and therefore laughable grinding dances we retired to my house. We proceeded to talk for over three hours. The so-comfy pillow from pillow talk gets my vote on best pose set for talking.

Somewhere in there I introduced him to a few kisses from Bits and Bobs (in order to compare to Pillow Talk don't you know?) and my neighbor aparrently used his extra security Hulkness to determine I had a man in my house. And im'd me to tell me how jealous he was. My reply was....well really that's unprintable. Guys, ever heard the song You Don't Own Me? It so applies.

Mr. Coolname on the other hand, continues to score high with me on all levels. ;)

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