Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Randomosity Scores!

This post has been pre-empted by this newsflash.

I met someone.

I met him while doing my usual hunt for freebies crawl. I usually end up going through all the Freestyle notices to go hunt for stuff. In this case, I was spending some time in the morning, going through things I missed on the weekend of moving. I was hunting for silks that were supposed to be free at the Collar Me Sexy store.

The store, if you haven't been there, is huge and the silks were being reluctant to be found. I decided to ask in the Freestyle Chat group if anyone knew where they were. Nobody did, but a man happened to answer with a rather amusing name and feeling in a flirtatious mood, I commented on it.

One thing led to another and we bantered (note: bantering and/or flirtation should be a required skill.) for some time until he had to go attend to other things.

At the time, even though we friended each other, I assumed nothing much more would come of it, since frequently this has been the case.

Boy was I wrong; later that evening I signed on to an immediate greeting. This scored points with me also. I had mentioned that I'd just moved into my virtual home and I invited him to come see it as we also talked about going somewhere for dancing.

He was very flattering about how I looked and about how my home looked. Is there anyone who doesn't love compliments that sound sincere? I doubt it; I certainly was not immune.

As I knew he was a very recent new resident, I was unsurprised that my new friend was still looking a bit newbie around the edges, though it was obvious he'd done his best. He was wearing a tux for example. Let me tell you something, those guys over at Are We Not Men? have one thing right. Confidence, composure and intelligence far and away outweigh hot pixels.

My new friend continued to charm with conversation, with appreciation and flattery. We explored a couple different clubs, tried out every dance animation we could find and changed clothes a couple of times. I had a lot of fun and I flatter myself that he did too. And, when I tentatively brought up the subject of better pixel hair, he accepted the comment with good grace as well as allowing me to show him a couple of options without going to a big expense right then. The result was that he acquired new hair last night that pleased him.

We both were beginning to tire for different reasons and regrouped at my place for a short kiss and cuddle to end the evening. Ah, the thing Aretha's been singing about for 40 plus years. Respect. A pleasant and even romantic evening and a cuddle animation does not equate to instant sex! My pixel heart goes pitter pat!

Why am I up now? Insomnia strikes again!


HawksRock said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Hope you enjoy the ride. Feel free to keep linking us anytime you fancy... :).

Gluck with Mr. "Cool-name". His name wasn't Mr. Big I hope? haha

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Oh! I am so excited to read how this turns out! I am a sucker for a good romance story.

P.S. Hurry and post pictures of your new house - I need ideas for my remodeling. :-P

Wrath Paine said...

I swear, if this keeps up, people will have to eventually stop saying "nice guys finish last". *g*

Please do pass along my congratulations to Mr "Cool-name" for representin' the rest of us guys so well. ;-)

And a big thanks for sharing your adventures in SL with us! We can't wait to hear what happens next. No pressure, of course. ;-)

Sidonie said...

Awwww, all of you are so sweet! Thanks very much :)

Hawks, it wasn't MR Big, but we did stay up til 3 eastern talking!

Tymmerie, new installment in a bit while i try to wake up!

Wrath, I have always known nice guys are the way to go. I am even more convinced of that than ever. ;)