Sunday, January 27, 2008

Evolution of an Avatar

I'm guessing that by now there may be some mild curiousity as to what I look like. If i were anyone reading this *I* would be wondering.

Here are a few shots representing the incarnations of my avatar. I have a few more also but this is mostly of the ones I kept for more than a day or two. If you'd like to see bigger versions *you pervs* you can look at my flickr page.

Version 1 - this was pretty soon after I rezzed, note the freebie hair and I think this was a freebie skin too from the wonderful Minnu Models skins.

Version 2 - I changed my shape a bit and got this lovely hair from Analog Dog. I think this is also a skin I bought from MM.

Version 3 - This is fairly recent incarnation, Tuli s4 skin and etd hair. I made quite a few changes to my shape here, most very small.

And this is me now - again some small changes here to my shape but not a lot. Hair by Cake and skin by RAC.

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