Monday, January 28, 2008

Isn't Insomnia Grand? And Modeling?

This is a post I was planning anyway but I was waiting for tomorrow. Technically it is tomorrow so I guess that'll do. Since the delightful and lovely Ms. Alicia Chenaux asked me were I and Mr. Coolname still seeing each other. Let me just put that to rest by saying that yes, we are, and more will follow on that soonish.

Over the course of my time in SL, I've become really fascinated and intrigued by the notion of Sl fashion models. I love the fact that there is such a profession in SL because it's one of those fantasy professions for many of us, I think, and I would be willing to guess it's much harder to do than it might look in videos or at shows. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that I wanted to do that. (I've thought about getting a job more than once to help offset some of my spending but since I don't want to be a stripper or an escort and I'm still working on content creation, I wasn't sure what direction to go in).

But, I've decided I want to make a serious attempt at modeling and so, my first step was that I went to the Moda Fashion Showcase to apply to the Moda Modeling School. My guess is that a school can teach me a lot and also according to the MODA info, I'd end up with a portfolio, etc. However, I've applied twice and both times I get a script error that makes me think that my application is floating around in the digital world somewhere and not reaching the intended recipient.

Here's me applying the second time. I think I look svelte and glamorous!

I dropped a notecard on the Director of Admissions at MODA but I never got a notification that it was accepted and now I realize, she probably gets 84985308644570965793 notecards. I also know I'm a little bit young for their admissions limits but I'm determined on this and I'm in a quandary for what to do to see that my application gets where it needs to go. I'd like to at least maybe get an interview!

Meanwhile, with the assistance of Alaska Metropolitan (of Metro Models) I got the names of several photographers who might be willing to take some shots in order to have something to show in contests and so on and the name of the extremely talented and lovely Ms Ryker Beck (of popped out at me. She is every bit as nice as you might think and she took the following shots for me. I am so impressed.

I resized these to fit on my blog but you can see them in their full glory on Flickr.

The last photo is my favorite but I really think all of these are wonderful and I'm so happy Ryker was willing to take them for me!


IcyQueen Nightfire said...

ohh!! They look really nice! I should get some done as well .. and btw, your hair is totally to die for!!

Sidonie said...

Thank you Icy! I think they do too!

I love that hair, it is my absolute dream hair.

Licentious Maladay said...

Oooops! One of our models just pointed me to your blog. I'll see that you're contacted (if you're still interested in MODA).

Licentious Maladay
MODA Modeling School