Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Alicia Made Me Do It!

I've been neglecting my blog. I know I have. And today, or possibly last night, the lovely Miss Alicia Chenaux of Ch'know blog fame called me out! Me and every other blogger neglecting their blogs. LOL

I do apologize to anyone reading this over my neglect. Though I do love to blog, I am the kind of person who needs a sit down and maybe a cup of tea to write a decent post. I don't know how some of the more prolific bloggers - cough Alicia cough - do it!

I do love to read her posts though and hopefully I'll be more on a roll with blogging and ya'll won't get bored.

By the way, I agree with her on Windlight. Though I think some of the pictures I have to show you would be prettier in Windlight, the problems with it, including the fact that my computer goes into electronic cardiac arrest every time I try to use it, keep me on the release candidates. It would be nice if they'd come up with a big red button. Windlight ON and Windlight OFF but somehow I don't see that happening.

Sidonie, you ask, where have you been?

Very, very busy.

I'll start with Mr. Coolname. I truly consider him, above any romanticness between us, my best SL friend. We spend an enormous amount of time together and we constantly have things to talk about. He is always dragging me to places which I might not go. A party populated mostly by escorts and their clients might not be a place I *want* to go but that's neither here or there, right? *g*

I was upset about something last night, for example, and he said something which I think a lot of women would like to hear. No, it wasn't, "Here honey, have my credit card." It was, "I will always have your back." And, he takes things that I say to heart. For instance, I'm not always sure if my getting pissy about things is really overreacting or if I'm on target because I've been accused in times past of being over sensitive. Lately, he's started saying to me, "That's a perfectly valid response, Sid." To me, this is a very touching and supportive thing for any friend much less a person who is pretty much also my boyfriend to say. He's chosen to DO something about the fact that I'm worried about overreacting. I don't think I could ask for more than that - but in fact he gives me a lot more.

He is consistently considerate, fun, warm, and sensitive. He also thinks I'm the most beautious thing on two legs. <3 We have not yet made the commitment to be exclusive with each other but that's coming. We also talk about some real life things and we've shared names. Last night I gave him my mailing address after a joking reference to me giving him the same so he could send me chocolates for Valentines got, "You should, Sid," from him. I am not one to really ask anybody to give me anything. I make jokes about people spending money on me, but when someone DOES, it's a big surprise and I usually cry. Mr. Coolname is unfailingly generous as I've notated previously on this blog.

BIG FLAMING WARNING: I feel safe in giving Mr. Coolname my real mailing address for a lot of reasons. However, I don't recommend this activity until you know someone extremely well and then know them better. Be careful on the internet with personal info. END OF WARNING.

Oh also, remember Mr. Coolname's noobie looks. Well, he's gone through a lot of experimentation some of which would have been unnecessary if he wasn't being quite so thick headed about taking advice (:P) and a few incarnations. He still is a bit prim adjustment challenged, partly cause I think he's a little too impatient about camming himself when he could be camming me instead, lol. We also discovered that while I'm a touch typist, he is not and this sometimes causes some miscommunication while he hunt and pecks and I'm typing for ten minutes. I have learned to slow down a little bit to let him keep up and I think he's learned to scroll up a bit.

I can now happily report that Mr. Coolname has evolved very handsomely. :) I would show pictures but I haven't gotten his permission yet and it seems unfair to show pics without that.

I do have more stuff to post and I will make a concerted effort to get it posted today but since I don't want to entirely spam you I'll wait a bit to post the next thing.

Oh, one other thing. Mr. Coolname bought land (which I will be reimbursing him half for in a week) and we are going into the real estate business together. Specifically Luxury Skyhomes. They are fully furnished units with custom sex animations and a choice of themed builds with the press of a button. On the ground we are putting in a lagoon, paths, gardens and so on replete with poses for both couples and singles. I am very excited about it and we hope to open for Valentine's day. We have also put in a building for parties and I am investigating shoutcasting to host parties for our guests. The rent is higher than most skyhomes but when you see these places, you'll see why. I honestly am very proud of these homes because I've looked around and I haven't seen anything to compare with what we are offering.

I'll leave you with one picture. This was taken from a gazebo I built on our lagoon.


Alicia Chenaux said...

About time you updated. :) I'm so glad that things between you and Mr. Coolname are so good! No flaming for sharing your address. If you feel comfortable enough with it, then that's fine. Not like you did it after knowing him a couple of days.

Get his permission to show pics! I'd like to see this man!

Wrath Paine said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! Like I should talk, heh. An excellent post - glad everything is going well for you both! Sounds like some exciting stuff ahead - best of luck !!! :-)