Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rant in A Minor and Related Oddities

Before you ask, I am up now because I went to take a nap around 8 pm my time and got sucked down into the world of Morpheus and just woke up. All sane people are asleep, leaving me time to ponder things.

The rant is about pose balls. Mr Coolname (about whom more soon) is now quite a bit taller than he once was. Therefore pose balls, even my beloved Slow Dance v7, ends up putting my arms through his chest or some other ungroovy thing. This, as you may well imagine, tends to detract from the romantic nature of the dance. It looks as though I'm an Acolyte of Kali trying to tear out his lungs while smiling dreamily at him.

This is not the beginning of my woes. Naturally you can't adjust someone else's pose balls. Sometimes, it seems impossible to adjust your own pose balls. I think romantic and love (And even sex, blush) ball makers should include a notecard. "This pose was made for two people of this approximate size and shape." It would save a lot of fumbling and bumbling about, especially in your own home or that of your beloved (or should the spirit move you - just the home of your friend with benefits, your favorite escort, and so on)

We can make self sizing hair and skirts now. Why not self sizing pose balls? Is some clever person working on this desperate need alone and with sweaty brow attempting to solve the problem of arm through chest disease? If you are, I will donate whole lindens to your cause. (For a modest return on investment of course!)

I have in another area of my life been advised to get taller. My sliders were a rather middle of the road 62 for height, and I was admittedly slightly short waisted for my size. I still managed to tower over our resident tiny powerhouse, Alicia. I can justifiably call her a powerhouse, though with a cute voice, since I have now attended her host/dj gigs. Also, of which more later.

With my sliders sitting around 70 for height and my waist lengthened, I'm erm, taller. But still not tall enough for these blasted pose balls. They were all made for giants!

Self Adjusting Pose Balls are the wave of the future.

PS: I find that the Pillow Talk animations usually do not cause arm through chest disease and other related syndromes and they usually adjust simply. If she can do it, the rest of ya'll can do it too. So get on that, chop chop.

And now for the other oddities portion of this post.

In my travels recently, I have had cause to discover a paradise blanket. From that, I and Mr Coolname proceeded to the paradise blanket store in order to explore the possibilities therein.

Here's a picture of me at the paradise blanket store. I think the real name of the store is Octoberworks but don't quote me on that. Herein lies the oddity.

See what the sign says? It says Nursery. Somebody thinks the kids room is a place to be sexy? Pardon me while I stare! I don't know 'bout you.

Notice how I do look very spokesmodelish, waving my hand gracefully to indicate the Paradise Blanket Package - including your freaky nursery!

I have another post on the way but this should tide you over. I'll get to the Friday Five in a bit.

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